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Oem car parts web service, spare parts search catalogue,

Web service

1. LAXIMO is the largest and most popular VIN catalogue web system used at Russian automotive aftermarket.

Distributors and wholesalers from Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, Balkans and Baltic states use Laximo to simply search and identify OEM parts by VIN or Frame code.

LAXIMO in brief:

  • Web-service for original and aftermarket spare parts catalogues (VIN code search, illustrated search, context search, etc.) in different languages intended for integration in your web-site/e-shop/ERP system

  • Accurate cross-reference search by OEM number

  • More than 3000 aftermarket brands

All technical information regarding LAXIMO web-service integration via API protocol you can get here

2. Catalogs-Parts - this company on more transparent terms offers an integration of catalogues, as well as their payment. In contrast to the first, this project in addition to the catalogs of parts, offers a selection of tires, disks, batteries and others.

Also an important factor is the multilingual nature of the site itself, as well as the implemented catalogues.

All information on the implementation of a web service you can get here.

3. Price Soft - this company has created several solutions and a very flexible grading of payments. These solutions include 3 kind of programs:

3.1. Program PS: Ident was created on the basis of 15 years of experience in developing programs for the identification of vehicles.

The program is designed to assist in the identification of the car. Possessing a huge database, PS: Ident can provide information both about the car model and its configuration, and in some cases, the date of its release.

The engine catalog will help determine the engine size, show its power and other technical parameters with an accuracy of up to a cubic centimeter.

The scope of the program PS: Ident is very large, it is necessary for everyone who is connected with cars on a professional level. It can be:

  • expert appraisers;

  • insurance commissioners;

  • car dealership managers;

  • forensic laboratories;

  • law enforcement officers;

  • customs officers.

What is included in the program PS: Ident?

The program consists of three sections: car identification, car catalog, catalog of engines.

3.2. Program PS: Complex is specifically designed to calculate the cost of car repairs after an accident.

Program PS: Complex is designed for a wide range of applications. The program will help to make an estimate of the cost of refurbishment, calculate the percentage of depreciation of the car or calculate the loss of its commercial value.

The scope of the program is very large, it is necessary for everyone who is connected with cars on a professional level. It can be:

  • expert appraisers;

  • insurance commissioners;

  • wizard-receivers service stations.

3.3. Program PS: Mobile 2 for Android:

Calculation of repair with the requirements of the Unified Methodology;

VIN code decryption with catalog selection function;

Export of the Completed Inspection Report online, in DOCX format, to any Android-based office editor with the subsequent possibility of outputting to a printer.

What is the program PS: Mobile?

Program PS: Mobile is designed to simplify the user of the system PS: Complex procedure for conducting a vehicle inspection for subsequent evaluation of refurbishment. The program provides the user with access to an information base with graphic material using a smartphone or tablet

running the Android OS. Thereby increasing mobility and efficiency in the execution of orders for the evaluation of the cost of repair of vehicles.

Downloading of used illustrated catalogs is performed via the Internet from the technical support server. The VIN decryption function allows you to get basic technical information and select the optimal directory for drawing up an act.

The data of the inspection report can be sent to the server of technical support, for further downloading to the PS: Complex. To transfer the data of the inspection report to the program PS: Complex, in the settings PS: Mobile, you must specify the synchronization code.

In addition, there is the ability to export data to Microsoft Word (DOCX), for editing and printing. For convenience, the user can independently upload his own template, which is necessary for generating a report.

This service is available only in Russian, unfortunately this is a huge disadvantage.

All information on the implementation and acquisition of a web service you can get here.


4. Autodealer presents its solution in the form of ACAT.

This is an electronic catalog of auto parts available 24/7. Its main purpose is to assist in the selection and ordering of parts in online auto parts stores.

AutoCatalog contains the necessary data for ordering auto parts

Cars and trucks, buses, tractors, engines, agricultural, special and road construction equipment - both domestic and foreign production. Information about the device of cars from large assemblies and assemblies to spare parts with their codes, names and graphic images.

Useful for auto parts buyers:

finding the right part in AutoCatalog Onlinе is quick and easy. Catalogs are logically grouped, there is a search by part number, by brand / model. It has a modern simple interface and graphic illustrations of the details.

Convenient for the owner and employees of the online store:

you can place AutoCatalog Online on your site even without the help of a programmer. Embed catalog in the design of your store will help web services. The cost of the parts can be specified directly in AutoCatalog by linking it with the price list. Emerging issues are promptly resolved by the

technical support service.

Integration with the platform to create online stores ABCP:

ABCP is a popular platform for creating online parts stores. catalogs are integrated into this platform and ready to go. As a result of finding the right part in your online store, buyers will see both the image, the cost, and the availability. 

All information on the implementation and acquisition of a web service you can get here.